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Alejandro Gil Salmerón

FPU Researcher

Alejandro joined Polibienestar in 2016 as Junior Researcher funded by the National Ministry of Education for the development of his PhD project whose is framed on the Mig-HealthCare project (Ref.: 738186) funded by the III Health Programme of the European Commission. His PhD focuses on the acculturation process of migrants, its impact on their health and cost-effective delivery of integrated care to them. Moreover, Alejandro has carried out academic visits abroad in order to complement his PhD project. In this regard, Alejandro has visited the Health Economics Research Center belonging to the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom (2019) and the Cross-Cultural Research Center in the University of Guelph in Canada (2018).

Furthermore, Alejandro has worked in the main interest areas of Polibienestar through developing its role in more than 10 projects funded by the European Commission such as EURIPHI, UHCE, APPCARE o EUVETCARE, addressing the strengthen person-centred care systems.

Alejandro holds a Degree in Social Work (2015) and a Master Degree in Welfare Studies (2016) from the University of Valencia. His research addresses public health concerns by an interdisciplinary, characteristic of the discipline of Social Work. Moreover, his ultimate goal is the co-design of innovative solutions for complex societal challenges, targeting the most vulnerable and high-risk populations.