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The institute has been offering its services to a wide range of companies from different fields. It works in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive way thanks to its experience of 20 years and the deep knowledge on each of its six working areas.

Polibienestar specialises in invigorating and managing innovation processes at companies. After a diagnosis stage and the analysis of deficiencies and opportunities for each client, an action plan is developed along with its later implementation, development and assessment.

Our experience in EU projects makes Polibienestar an expert in fund raising policies, and that is why we try to look for the highest external funding to give the company, not only these funds but also a training for its employees, who will learn how to get these resources in the future.

Some of the services we offer to these clients are:

  • Consultancy
  • Particular strategic plans:
    • Equality plan
    • Quality plan (ISO…)
    • CSR plan
  • Technical assistance in R+D+i projects
  • Fund raising
  • Training