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Public administration

Through design, development and assessment of public policy strategies, Polibienestar offers a thorough service, which is in accordance with European strategies to optimise the administration resources and contribute to improve the public services.

In order to have an efficient government, the public sector constantly needs new solutions to face different social changes, and from this point of view, Polibienestar gets involved in each project in an objective, fair and cooperative way thanks to its interdisciplinary team, which can assess on each area.

Thus, for planning, prioritising and implementing the objectives that will be the background for a STRATEGY, the institute is based on the premise that it needs to be coherent with the guidelines of the other administrations – European, national, regional and local.

Some of the services for our clients are:

  • Design, development and assessment of public policy strategies.
  • Particular strategic plans for health, social welfare, violence, equality, CSR, environment, energy efficiency, ICT’s, sustainable construction, etc.
  • Consultancy
  • Design and updating of municipal services.
  • Design of processes for citizen participation.
  • Assessment and reorganization of public services, programmes and public policies.
  • Auditing.
  • Studies on particular subjects.
  • Funds raising.
  • Training.