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Vision, mission and principles

Vision and mission

VISION: Improving welfare, sustainability and society’s quality of life.

MISSION: Achieving a better efficiency of public policies by means of innovative, holistic and interinstitutional ideas which will be led by an interdisciplinary and poly-centric team.

CHALLENGE FOR 2030: Innovating on public policies through ICTs.


Lab work

In line with its way of facing projects, Polibienestar considers that it is important to be constantly innovating and to foster a good and cohesive working environment.

To that aim, Polibienestar is working to create a lab work in order to establish a decalogue about how the institute works.

In monthly held meetings, ideas that would define Polibienestar are suggested by one of the members in the team and they are the first item to be discussed.

  • First value: First, good people, and then, people that are good (by Jorge).
  • Second value: We say what we do, and we do what we say (by Tamara).
  • Third value: Looking for our fellowmen’s welfare, we will find ours (by Sandra).