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Politeama is an initiative promoted by the Social Welfare Policy Research Institute (POLIBIENESTAR) of the University of Valencia, in order to recognize and reward disinterested actions of Everyday Heroes to improve the world.

There are many people who altruistically help their neighbors, friends, family or unknown people and all these people contribute to make our world better. In times of permanent crisis we need people who take care of their environments without expecting to receive something in return. This is what we understand with the concept of Everyday Heroes.

Politeama invites anyone, over 18 years old and from anywhere in the world, to make candidacies of Everyday Heroes, who have taken some concrete or periodic action, which has meant a positive and substantial improvement in their environment. The only condition is that these everyday heroes are anonymous, that is, that no positive action has been developed around their work profession.

What motivates us to promote the recognition of the Everyday Heroes?

The media are already making daily negative news of our surroundings in the international press. However, POLIBIENESTAR wants to show and reward those anonymous heroes who in day to day do good actions around them.

“We will echo the wonderful things we do and that happen around us to improve the lives of other people.” Let us echo what the world does to “improve the welfare, sustainability and quality of life” of other people.

How to apply?

Applications are be made by any person of legal age. The procedure for making a proposal is to fill out the form below. The proposal must be formalized by a third person, although it is not necessary that you personally know the person who proposes, you should fill in where that person will be located in case of being awarded.

The proposed actions can be punctual or continuous over time and should lead to an improvement in the area of ​​social welfare, its groups or related areas, such as health care, gender equality, childhood, family, culture, education, inclusion Social, support for people with disabilities or elderly people, accessible tourism or environment.

The proposed actions will be published in a list in this section of the POLIBIENESTAR website. Twice a year a committee of the Polibienestar Institute will select a POLITEAMA action among the candidates, although all will receive a public recognition. The committee will communicate to the daily hero or selected daily heroine and will be presented with a POLITEAMA kit.

In case of not being able to locate the chosen one with greater number of votes, the prize will automatically go to the second one with greater number of votes. The jury or committee will be composed of five or more Polibienestar members and will always be chaired by the director of the Research Institute.



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