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Population ageing. 3 projects under this line of research: ValueCare, e-Active and Euveca

Population ageing. 3 projects under this line of research: ValueCare, e-Active and Euveca

  • 28/12/2023

Population ageing is one of the greatest achievements of mankind and at the same time it is linked to great economic, social and public health challenges around the world.

Polibienestar is trying to face these challenges through the implementation of European projects that focus on improving the social and health care received by the elderly by offering integrated approaches that allow an efficient use of social and health resources, promote active and healthy ageing and increase the social participation of the elderly in their community to minimise or mitigate social detachment, all of this taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new information and communication technologies.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting the ValueCare project funded by the Horizon2020 programme, which aims to provide efficient and results-based integrated (health and social) care to older people suffering from cognitive impairment, frailty and/or multiple chronic conditions, with the objective of improving their quality of life and that of their families through the implementation of value-based methodologies supported by digital solutions.

Likewise, the e-Active project funded by the ERASMUS+ programme aims to improve active and healthy ageing and the social participation of older people through the development of an electronic tool with educational activities in which older people can participate to improve their social participation, physical activity and mental skills.

The Euveca Project is another of the projects that has an aspect dedicated to the ageing of the population. This European project, also funded by the ERASMUS+ programme, aims to develop a training platform for health and social care staff, focusing on 21st century skills.

Specifically, the project develops 6 megatrends:

  • The ageing population
  • Growing importance of chronic diseases and comorbidity
  • The digital transformation
  • Going from technology to biology
  • The modern health consumer

This European training platform is strengthened by regional Hubs in seven European countries that form the consortium.

If you want to know more about the ValueCare, e-Active and Euveca projects do not hesitate to visit their websites:


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