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Duración: 24 meses
PROGRAMA FINANCIADOR: KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
ENTIDAD FINANCIADORA: Comisión europea, Erasmus+
Investigador de Polibienestar: Silvia Prieto
IP SPAIN: Jorge Garcés Ferrer

This project aims at the promotion of cross-sectoral professional profiles and the development of entrepreneurial skills through multidisciplinary cooperation to support the creation of new proposals and innovative business models in the sport tourism sector.

The focus of the project is the growth of professional opportunities and career enhancement of sport profiles.

Our participation consisted of (percentage and scope): 17%. Polibienestar leads Output 1 and participates in all the others.

Activities carried out in the Project:

Mapping of all European outdoor sport skills profiles in formal and non-formal learning outcomes (Data Collection and Research) 2.

2. Tool for trainers Sport and Tourism Learning Methodology

3. New professional and cross-sectorial profile for sport and tourism

4. Proposals for innovative models for the promotion of sport tourism 5.

Consortium partners:

University of Valencia (Spain),

S.C. Predict CSD Consulting (Romania),

Youth Entrepreneurial service foundation (Republic of North Macedonia),

Hanzehogeschool Groningen Stichting (The Netherlands)

Ref: 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007583


As a result of this project a Sport and Tourism Learning Methodology has been developed.

  • Download the TOOLKIT FOR TRAINERS. Spanish version. HERE
  • Download the TOOLKIT FOR TRAINERS. English version. HERE

  • Find The Guideline for a New Qualification between Sport and Tourism for a common ECVET framework. HERE