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Alfonso J. Moraño Rodríguez

University Lecturer
Mining Engineer

Alfonso J. Moraño Rodríguez has got a PhD in Mining Engineering by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is a university lecturer at this same institution. He is a member of the research group “Sostenibilidad en la Construcción y en la Industria”. He teaches both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

He collaborates with LOEMCO in the area of building material tests and geothermal tests. His research interests are focused on the environmental studies and sustainable building, especially on the use of sustainable materials. He has taken part in some research projects such as the national project CEN – 20101019, “Tecnología de Hoteles de Futuro (THOFU)” funded by CDTI – CENIT and FIT-030000-2007-228 “Desarrollo de mejoras en los materiales empleados en el sostenimiento de obras subterráneas y su aplicación en procesos productivos” funded by PROFIT. MITC. The latter project led to the patent titled “Dispositivo de mezclado de productos”. ES 2 338 093 B1 Application n.: 200931066. His research has been published in some journals as well.