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Carlos Serra

Carlos has a Law degree with Public’s Law mention by University of Valencia (2016), and a Master’s degree in Political Economy and Public Economy with Extraordinary Prize (2018), both by University of Valencia. He is also in possession of a certificate by UNED (Distance University) in Advanced Techniques of Applied Statistics (2019) and, from 2019, he is a PHD Candidate in Design, Management and Evaluation of Public Welfare Policies.

He is currently contracted as an in-training teaching and research staff in University of Valencia -Polibienestar Institute- through a contract for the training of University Teaching Staff (Formación de Profesorado Universitario, FPU) subsidized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. He collaborates in many Polibienestar research projects and, more actively, in EMBRACIN project (Enhancing Migrants’ Bottom-up, Responsive and Citizen-led integration in Europe) financed by the European Commission under AMIF Program (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund).