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Micaela Moro Ipola

Associate Professor
Basic Psychology Department

Micaela Moro has got a PhD in Psychology at Universitat de València (1990) and she is an expert in clinical psychology. She has been a university lecturer in the area of personality, assessment and psychological treatment at Universitat Jaume I since 1996.

She teaches subjects related to psychological assessment at undergraduate level, and in the Master’s Degree in General Health Psycholgy at Universitat Jaume I. She also collaborates in the Master’s Degree in Basic and Applied Neurosciences at Universitat de València.

From 1997, she is involved in several research results transfer projects about rehabilitation of people with neurological disorders in public and private hospitals like Hospital La Magdalena in Castellón, Unidad de Daño Cerebral Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Valencia and Hospital Pare Jofré in Valencia, too.

Her research fields are focused on the development of procedures for the assessment of deficits and consequences of chronical disorders or the recovery treatment of cognitive functions. She has been acknowledged a research record of two six-year periods.