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Pedro Sánchez Vera

Full Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Pedro Sánchez has been a Professor at Universidad de Murcia since 2002. He teaches at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy.

He has 25 years of experience both teaching and researching. He has got a research record of 4 six-year periods. He has got a Degree in Sociology and Philosophy and a PhD in Sociology.

He is the main researcher in the research team “Sociología del Bienestar Social y del Envejecimiento”. He carried out some management positions within Universidad de Murcia from 1988 to 2012. He is a member of the board of Instituto de Investigación en Envejecimiento.

He has published 11 books, 24 book chapters and more than 500 papers. He has supervised 11 doctoral theses and taken part in 9 competitive projects. He has been part of more than 20 research projects. He was a visiting researcher at several Latin American and European universities as well.

Among his research interests are the aspects related to ageing and the elderly’s welfare.

Pedro Sánchez Vera