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Saba Safdar

University of Gelph (Canadá)
Social Psychology

PH.D. Social Psychology in York University. Her research interests fall broadly within the field of cross-cultural psychology. To date, her work has primarily examined a wide range of factors that could help in understanding the adaptation processes of immigrants and international students, including the study of resilience, acculturation strategies, and ethnic and national identity. She is committed to both theoretical and applied aspects of cross-cultural psychology. An essential feature of her research activities, as a cross-cultural psychologist, is that the studies are conducted cross-culturally or between different ethnic groups within the same culture.

She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. At the undergraduate level, she has taught Applied Social Psychology, Gender Psychology, Introduction to Social Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology and at the graduate level, she has taught Applied Social Psychology, Culture and Community.

In addition, she has taught at several universities outside Canada, including New Dehli University and Banaras Hindu University in India, Gdansk University in Poland, Kazakh Al-Farabi National University in Kazakhstan and the University of Barcelona in Spain.