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19 June 2024. World Walking Day

19 June 2024. World Walking Day

  • 19/06/2024

Today, 19 June 2024, is World Walking Day, also known as International Walking Day, which was established in 1979 to celebrate the fact that we can walk at a walking pace and enjoy the sights around us while being physically active.

Walking has been shown to have multiple benefits for the immune system. Amongst some of these, we find that walking improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress and anxiety, can help control and reduce weight and can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

On this day we would like to remind you of the HORUS project, funded by the Horizon Europe programme, which aims to promote healthy urban environments and lifestyles by identifying and addressing the relationship between urban and behavioural dimensions in a holistic approach. The HORUS project will lead to the implementation of interventions aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and at the same time making optimal use of built urban environments.

In this sense, from Polibienestar and following the approach of the HORUS project, we want to highlight the importance of valuing and promoting physical activity, through practices such as walking, as well as highlighting the need to promote green spaces that encourage and support the population in the practice of physical exercise, thus promoting sustainable health in urban areas.

For more information about the HORUS project, do not hesitate to visit the promotional video that the Communication and Dissemination partners of the project have worked on so that you can learn in detail about the challenges addressed by the project, the sub-objectives, the target groups and much more.


Remember that you can also visit the project’s social networks and website to find out all the latest news:

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