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EMBRACIN project holds its final conference in Brussels

EMBRACIN project holds its final conference in Brussels

  • 01/12/2022

The EMBRACIN project (Enhancing Migrant’s Bottom-up, Responsive and Citizen-led integration in Europe), funded by the European Commission (AMIF programme) and in which Polibienestar has participated leading the Work Package 4 – Evaluation of Experimentation, came to an end, after three years of duration, last 29th and 30th of November after the celebration of the Final Conference in Brussels, where the partners had the opportunity to present in the European Parliament the results and the main policy recommendations developed in the framework of the project.

The project, which had as its genesis the experience of Professor Caló, winner of the 2018 European Citizen of the Year award for welcoming a group of African migrants in his home after a shipwreck off the coast of Italy, has ended after the implementation of 6 pilots in 6 European countries that have experimented with new ways and methodologies to promote the integration and social inclusion of migrants in European society.

This project has demonstrated, through an evaluation system that has analysed the impact, the implementation process and the efficiency of the 6 pilots, that the holistic and individualised accompaniment of immigrants in vulnerable situations, together with the introduction of civil/local society in these processes, significantly promotes the social inclusion of immigrants and, on many occasions, in a more efficient way than the existing traditional programmes.

The good results of the experience have resulted in the municipality of Pádova, leader of the consortium, introducing the EMBRACIN programme as a public policy in the field of social services, with its own budget, which ensures the future sustainability of the project results.