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The Seredipe project completes the literature review phase

The Seredipe project completes the literature review phase

  • 21/01/2022

Once the literature has been analysed, the results of the study “Socio-economic deprivation correlated with the effect of the presence of non-self-sufficient elderly people: draft strategies for innovative policies in Europe” have been drafted.

The survey confirms that the topic is very topical, however it is not dealt with in depth, and for this reason the Seredipe study should be continued. In this sense, the literature review will produce two articles in high impact journals, the first one on the methods of the study protocol and the other on the results. These publications will be available soon.

This project, funded by a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Grant (Horizon 2020- MSCA-IF-2019) for two years, focuses on the risk of poverty for families with dependents. The study aims to analyse the effects of the care needs of older people (aged 65+) on the socio-economic conditions of their households in eight European countries.