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Polibienestar hosts Georgia Casanova with a Marie Curie European Fellowship Grant

Polibienestar hosts Georgia Casanova with a Marie Curie European Fellowship Grant

  • 13/04/2021

This March a new colleague, Georgia Casanova, an Italian national, joined the Polibienestar team through a two-year Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Grant (Horizon 2020- MSCA-IF-2019). The project that she will develop during this period, and with which she has obtained the funding, is called “Socio-economic deprivation related to the effect of the presence of dependent elderly people: strategies for innovative policies (SEreDIPE)”. This project focuses on the risk of poverty for families with dependents. The study aims to analyse the effects of the care needs of older people (aged 65+) on the socio-economic conditions of their households in eight European countries.

The study aims to understand in depth the complex relationship between the limitations of ADLs (Activities daily living), the care needs of older people and the socio-economic deprivation of families, identifying valid and reliable indicators, and to identify innovative strategies – where “innovation” means “social innovation” – to support family and long-term care (LTC) policies. The results will provide tools and information for decision making and validated actions for policy makers. SEreDipe is a mixed-method study, based on quantitative analysis of secondary data integrated with qualitative data analysis to find useful innovations to support families and long-term care systems across Europe.

Georgia is a Social Researcher in welfare issues since 2002, specialising in long-term care at national and international level. Expert in mixed methods and comparative studies, she has worked and studied in different international contexts and in developing countries in Africa and the Balkans. She has had the opportunity to work in National and Local Service Agencies, NGOs, Universities and specialised Research Centres.  From 2013 to 2021, she was a researcher at the Socio-Economic Research Centre on Ageing at INRCA – Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing. Giorgia is a member of the Family international monitor. Find out more about the institution here

Her research interests are social innovation, long-term care, comparative studies, socio-economic deprivation and ageing.