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Polibienestar hosts two Marie Curie European fellowships in 2021

Polibienestar hosts two Marie Curie European fellowships in 2021

  • 19/04/2021

This April a second colleague, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme with a Marie Curie fellowship, Abigail Bentley (Abbie), a British national, joined the Polibienestar research institute of the Universitat de València.

Abbie has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from Newcastle University in the UK and an MSc in Global Health and Development from University College London. She completed her PhD through University College London which focused on family violence against women and mental health in urban informal settlements in Mumbai, India. Previously, she was a Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine working on a multi-institute project to develop a package of care to improve the mental health of women survivors of violence (including intimate partner violence, human trafficking and modern slavery and conflict) in South Asia.

She has got the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Grant (Horizon 2020- MSCA-IF-2019) for two years and the project funded is “The Mental Health of Migrant Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence in Valencia, Spain”.

In this project she will investigate experiences of intimate partner violence in migrant women living in Spain, the impact of violence on their mental health and their subsequent access to violence and mental health services. This will be a mixed-methods study that will seek to explore whether the mental health impacts of violence vary between migrant groups and whether migrant women are able to access the services they require when they experience violence.

Her research interests include gender-based violence, mental health and working with marginalised groups. She also have an interest in the impacts of conducting sensitive research on researchers and students themselves and recently she completed a large-scale realist review of psychosocial interventions to improve the mental health of survivors of intimate partner violence.

With this new recruitment, Polibienestar welcomes two researchers from the Mari Curie programme. Georgia Casanova joined in March with the project “Socio-economic deprivation related to the effect of the presence of dependent elderly people: strategies for innovative policies (SEreDIPE)”. This project focuses on the risk of poverty for families with dependents and is aimed at analysing the effects of the care needs of the elderly (over 65) on the socio-economic conditions of their family units in eight European countries.