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Polibienestar participates at international Week of University of Vechta

Polibienestar participates at international Week of University of Vechta

  • 01/06/2021

On the 1st and 2nd of June 2021, Georgia Casanova makes a double section of an oral presentation on innovating long term care systems in a comparative perspective: Lesson from familistic based care regimes.

The workshops are the occasion to compare Italian, Spanish and Israel Long term care system, to underline similitudes and difference, identifying common innovation areas.

Students, experts and academic people are invited to attend the workshops.

Visit the programme here

Georgia Casanova, an Italian national, is a member of the Polibienestar team through a two-year Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Grant (Horizon 2020- MSCA-IF-2019). The project that she will develop during this period, and with which she has obtained the funding, is called “Socioeconomic deprivation related to the effect of the presence of dependent elderly people: strategies for innovative policies (SEreDIPE)”. This project revolves around the risk of poverty for families with dependents. The study is aimed at analyzing the effects of the care needs of the elderly (over 65) on the socioeconomic conditions of their family units in eight European countries.