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Nombre del Proyecto: Implementation Network Europe for Cancer Survivorship Care – INE-CSC
Nombre inglés y español: Red Europea de implementación para el cuidado de los supervivientes de cáncer

– Referencia: CA21152
– Año de solicitud: 2021
– Año de concesión: 2022
– Duración: 48 meses
– Programa Financiador: COST Action
– Entidad Financiadora: Europen Commission
– Coordinador: University College Cork (Ireland)
– Socios del Consorcio: – (no hay consorcio porque es una red)
– Investigador de Polibienestar: Choni y Tamara
– IP Spain: – (no hay IPs porque es una red)

Breve descripción del Proyecto y Objetivo:
The main aim of this COST Action is to systematically support the sustained translation of evidence-based interventions into routine clinical practice as part of a cross boundary, systems level cancer survivorship pathway which ultimately enhances the health and wellbeing of cancer survivors. This Network will use a cross-national comparative approach to map and make
preliminary models outlining the contextual factors impacting on the: implementation of cancer survivorship care and associated risk-stratified pathways of survivorship care, and use of digital/electronic health solutions. This will be completed using an implementation science lens.

Key outputs of this COST Action include: a sustainable web-based platform which hosts an integrated implementation science theory-based framework and toolkit to support the multi-level implementation of evidence-based cancer survivorship care across Europe. Through this network, the capacity and capability for cancer survivorship research and practice will be enhanced.

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