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If you are an elderly person and want to integrate health and social care, take part in the pilot in Valencia

If you are an elderly person and want to integrate health and social care, take part in the pilot in Valencia

  • 07/02/2022

The Valuecare project has developed a secure and scalable mobile App that integrates health and social care for older people. The Valuecare App will synchronise data related to multiple sources (health and social) to provide older people participating in the project with a Personalised Care Plan that combines medical and social prescriptions, as well as information from social and cultural services.

This already developed digital solution will now be validated in 7 pilot studies in different European countries (Valencia, Spain; Rijeka, Croatia; Athens, Greece; Cork/Kerry, Ireland; Treviso, Italy; Coimbra, Portugal; Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

If you want to know more about what the Valencia Pilot is going to be like click here

The Valencia pilot is currently in the phase of recruiting participants by the Health Centres, who have invited participants to sign the informed consent form, as a legal document necessary for participation in the project.

In the Valencia pilot, elderly people with mild to moderate frailty will use the app as part of the intervention for a period of 12 months, and both health professionals and researchers will be able to monitor compliance with the plan through a platform. The patient app also includes a virtual coach who will establish interactive dialogues with patients to make suggestions, recommendations, reminders and alerts regarding compliance with their personalised care plan. The planned areas of intervention are: physical exercise, nutrition, medication and prescription/social activity.

The VALUECARE project, funded by the EU horizon 2020 programme which started in December 2019 and whose duration is 4 years, seeks to provide efficient and outcome-based integrated (health and social) care to older people suffering from cognitive impairment, frailty and/or multiple chronic conditions, with the aim of improving their (and their families’) quality of life by applying value-based methodologies supported by digital solutions.