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Antonia Sajardo Moreno

Associate Professor Department of Applied Economics

She got her PhD in Economy in 1995 at Universitat de València. She is a university lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics. She also teaches Political Economy and Public Finance at the Faculty of Law at the same university.

She is the director of the research group INVESTER -Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales en Tercer Sector, voluntariado, servicios de bienestar social, mujer y RSE- at the Department of Applied Economics.

She also assesses research projects for the National Agency for Assessment and Forecasting and for similar institutions in Andalusia and Valencia regions.

She is the chief science officer of he virtual campus of FUNDAR, Fundación de la Solidaridad y el Voluntariado (ADEIT), and a professional executive coach.

Her research interests are the tertiary sector, social economy, non-profit sector, volunteering, social welfare services, sponsorship for companies, fundraising, and public sector and social economy, among others.