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Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme – Rome on 22 of April “ICT4AGEWELL”

Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme – Rome on 22 of April “ICT4AGEWELL”

  • 04/03/2016

The Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, in cooperation with the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, will organize a workshop in Rome on 22 of April within the framework of the “ICT4AGEWELL” international conference in Rome.

The workshop will be an opportunity to present the 2016 AAL call, which will focus on “Living well with dementia” and the experiences of some Regions in the programming, highlighting aspects regarding the funding and implementation of ICT for active and healthy ageing products.

Regions in the panel:

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region has created FVG as@ Lab” a Public Private Partnership on the issue of AAL which is included in the Italian national cluster initiatives. Ambient Assisted Living has been formally recognized as one of the key growth areas of FVG and it represents one of the pillars of the “Smart Strategy” of the FVG Region. The aim is to develop and implement AAL technologies in collaboration with SMEs, research centers and public authorities, as well as to support SMEs in the adoption of IT and AAL sectors in their core business activities. The FVG Region is one of the first Italian Regions to achieve a Law on Active and Healthy Ageing.

Southern Denmark will give an insight into the innovation system of the Region, that is to say, how innovation methods and tools have empowered citizens of the Region. It will also introduce CoLab Denmark, which represents a conceptual model for the development of cross-sectoral healthcare technologies within the Danish Healthcare system, thereby creating a unique opportunity to test and develop tomorrow’s healthcare technologies in accordance with real end-user needs alongside with giving private companies valuable feedback to be used in perfecting a product.

Valencia will give an overview of its strategy, based on 4 main areas of intervention: (i) promoting healthy ageing, health protection and prevention of illness, (ii) integrated care, (iii) information, training and research, and (iv) institutional coordination, governance and social participation. Concrete initiatives will be illustrated, including some of the AAL projects that have been developed in the Region: Host, (in which Polibienestar participated) BREATHE, WeTakeCare, etc.

The abovementioned Regions are all partners of CORAL as well as of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. CORAL is the Community of Regions for Assisted Living, an informal network of regions, aiming to improve regional policies for Active and Healthy Ageing. Above all, Coral is a learning community working on the implementation and upscaling of smart solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing. It is a network designed to foster mutual learning and co-creation within a process of open innovation.

The workshop will be moderated by the project manager of the EU project “Smart Care”, and will provide an opportunity to debate with representatives of SMEs, policy makers, civil servants representing regional authorities, researchers and universities.


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