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The Polibienestar Research Institute of the University of Valencia researches on mental health

The Polibienestar Research Institute of the University of Valencia researches on mental health

  • 10/10/2023

The research developed by Polibienestar in the area of mental health focuses on three research projects, Mentor+, Euveca and EU-Micare.

Today, 10 October, is World Mental Health Day, an area in which the Polibienestar research institute is highly committed. In particular is working on three research projects, all funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.

The Mentor + project is developing a programme for wellbeing in telework, aimed at employees and managers and focused on three areas of action: physical health, mental health and nutrition.

The protection of mental health at work is a right. The company must guarantee the safety and health of its employees in all aspects related to work, including psychosocial risks, which can cause damage to their mental health, such as anxiety, depression, difficulty in digital disconnection, insomnia, aggression, etc.

At the moment, Polibienestar, the research institute of the University of Valencia, is working on the mental health learning modules, which will have a theoretical and a practical part and will be destined to the wellbeing programme for teleworkers. This mental health module focuses on the two main problems detected among the workers and managers who participated in the surveys and focus groups carried out at the beginning of the project: stress and work-related stress. Thus, it will include a short theoretical introduction on what is wellbeing in the workplace and specifically in teleworking, will give advice on how to prevent stress and, of course, will include exercises and techniques in videos to reduce and eliminate work-related stress when it already exists.

Although it is still to be defined, the programme can be implemented in an application that allows teleworkers to self-manage their telework.

The Mentor+ project started at the end of 2022 and will end in 2024. If you want to know more about this project click here

The other two projects related to this field of action are Euveca and Eu-Micare, on training of healthcare staff.

The Euveca project is developing a training platform for the health and social care sector, deepening the 21st century skills that are so necessary for this sector and which are so lacking in the current training programme for these professions. In order to equip students and professionals in the health sector with new skills, the project will develop a European Hub and a platform to, among many other objectives, improve knowledge, raise awareness and encourage measures to promote and protect mental health for all as a universal human right.

The project is creating Regional Centres of Professional Excellence in 7 European countries, which collaborate within a European Platform for Professional Excellence in Healthcare. The aim is to ensure coordination, adaptation, innovation and upward convergence within regional healthcare education ecosystems, as well as to promote European (blended) mobility and inter-regional learning and collaboration between healthcare professionals and students in the participating regions.

Read more about the project here

The third research project related to mental health is EU-Micare and is also working on the training of EU health workers, but in this case specifically to improve mental health care for migrants and refugees. The training will be delivered through an online platform and will be developed on the basis of feedback from the target groups, collected through co-creation activities in the partner countries.

Read more about the project here

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