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Enhancing Health and safety in teleworking: Insights from Employee Perspectives

Enhancing Health and safety in teleworking: Insights from Employee Perspectives

  • 26/10/2023

After the Covid-19 pandemic, teleworking has prevailed. However, the lack of a clear regulatory framework regarding health and safety requirements in teleworking may endanger worker’s psychophysical well-being.

Τhe MENTOR+ program (Multidimensional and transversal well-being program for Tele-working), is an Erasmus+ project designed to raise awareness and increase workers’ knowledge on health-promoting conditions and safety in teleworking at a psychological, physical and nutritional level.

Findings from the MENTOR+ Project: An Study involving Employees across 4 EU countries

A recent survey within the MENTOR+ project in which teleworkers from four countries (Greece, Italy, Spain and Romania) participated through questionnaires, highlights the essential issues that workers face when teleworking. Health risks from poor posture and the absence of ergonomic rules, extended working hours, lack of health and safety training for managers, and the need for information on healthy eating, are some of the critical issues highlighted by workers that affect their physical and mental health. In terms of psychosocial risk factors, stress due to time pressure is the most critical risk identified in all four countries.

Additionally, the participants in focus groups that took place in all four countries agreed that a protocol needs to be developed, defining specific rules for teleworking. The aim is to ensure the prevention of such problems and to promote health and safety for workers. In particular, the proposals focus on supporting mental health, strengthening communication and social interaction, physiotherapy sessions, proper nutrition and establishing clear boundaries between professional and personal life.

Within the MENTOR+ project, a comprehensive program will be developed, which will include psychophysical exercises, advice on nutrition, as well as innovative educational content related to the well-being in a teleworking environment. The MENTOR+ app will contribute to the project’s educational program’s widespread reception and will contribute to the promotion of the well-being of a growing number of teleworkers.

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