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Support services for child victims of violence

Duración: 2015-2016
COORDINADOR: NGO Estonian Advice Centres
IP SPAIN: Jorge Garcés, Francisco Ródenas and Estrella Durá (Polibienestar)

Support services for child victims of violence in Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Spain.


The overall objective of the project is the improved ability and capacity of the project partner countries to assist and support children who have fallen victim to violence or who have witnessed violence. This will be achieved through raising the administrative and functional capacity of organisations active in the field, developing nationwide and cross-border co-operation networks.


The partnership consists of the following organisations:

  • NGO Estonian Advice Centres (EAC,
  • Estonian Social Insurance Board (ENSIB,
  • Finnish Rape Crisis Centre Tukinainen (FRCC,
  • Slovenian Nora Institute (NI,
  • Spanish Research Institute on Social Welfare Policy at the Valencia University (Polibienestar,

Referencia: JUST/2014/SPOB/AG/VICT